So far in life, I  have accumulated a lot of things – purses, shoes, sundresses, scarves, lamps, paperweights, throw pillows, teacups, and so on. These things range from wonderful to whimsical, from convenient to pointless. I am emotionally attached to some, and others were a waste of money. But as I have realized, most share being completely unnecessary to my having a happy and fulfilling daily life. This does not mean I should not have things, but too many can be a distraction.

To explore what actually does matter to a good life (and, I admit, to save a little money), I am trying to go one year with no new things. From December 17, 2018, I am buying no new ‘things’ – new clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, fashion accessories, or decorative housewares – for a full year. (Don’t worry, I will still be replacing holey socks and underwear or running shoes with worn out treads). This blog chronicles my temptations, frustrations, explorations, and revelations from my year of no new things. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.