A Roaring Dilemma

My tenth college reunion is later this month, and Princeton reunions is a riotous affair. I am excited and terrified. I look forward to seeing old friends and running around the Princeton campus again for a weekend, but it frightens me that I am now a decade older than the students who normally do the running around campus. Equally terrifying, the 10th is the first major reunion where there is a whole area and set of activities for classmates’ babies and children. ***small heart attack*** The 10th is, from my observation, also the reunion at which attendees’ enthusiasm for wearing orange, black and tiger print starts to outstrip their enthusiasm for beer pong and dancing until 5am. From my perspective, that is an excellent development, except that I am running low on the orange/black/tiger print and unable to buy any more until my shopping hiatus ends in November. (Full disclosure – By “running low”, I mean I have only one tiger print skirt in my closet right now.)

I was pondering my lack of rah-rah orange and black and tiger print clothing a week ago when, in its ever creepy fashion, Google advertised to me the most perfect tiger print dress on sale for £29.99 from Mango UK. I took the bate and clicked. It was still available in my size, and there was even a matching tiger print shirt that would look great with black shorts that I already own. It seemed too perfect. It was like fate, or at least the omnipotent tech giant creepers, wanted me to have the perfect outfit for reunions.

The perfect dress for Reunions
This shirt would work too

In any other year I would have bought both the dress and the shirt in a heart beat with no regrets. Even now, I doubt whether I would regret breaking my year of nothing rule to buy them. I have come close many, many times in the past week. They are so totally and completely and wonderfully perfect for Princeton reunions. And they are available in my size. And they are on sale at a price so reasonable I couldn’t feel like I was wasting money. At least twice in the past week, this train of thought has led me to click the “Add to shopping bag” button.

But both times I started to buy the dress, something happened that called me away from the computer before I could checkout – my mom asking where something was in the kitchen, or the doorbell ringing. That felt like fate too, like the universe was saying, sorry all-knowing Google Ads algorithms, but I still hold the trump card and I don’t want her to get that dress.

The longer the universe drags it out, the less likely I think I am to buy the dress. Reunions is still two weeks away and the dress is still available on sale in my size, so it isn’t over yet. But I think no new nothing is increasingly likely to prevail, particularly when I think about how the dress would get worn once and then sit in my closet for another five years. Even without abundant tiger print, I expect I will manage to enjoy reunions somehow.

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